I spent a few months making this generator!
Pleeeeeeease read the following info at least once!
I promise it will take less than a month to read this! At least read the parts that are BOLD, ok?

My Character Generator: Disclaimers, Notes, and Comments.

So, you wanna know -- is this a 3.5 generator, or is it for Pathfinder?  The answer is... not exactly.  This character generator has been created to make characters for my own, personalized (okay, bastardized) 3.5/Pathfinder hybrid.  It follows the SRD in most respects, but there are a few places where it diverts widely.


Things related to the generator's function:

Yes. It's ugly.



The whole project easily took more time than if I'd manually generated 50 characters.  In many cases, the code was the easy part -- understanding and applying the tax-code-like encyclopedia of obscure 3.5/Pathfinder rules was the hard part.  Fortunately, I have a dozen years of experience with the latter.  Unfortunately, I have virtually no experience with the former!   I hope it's useful!