Experience Points:

For new characters: Enter the RAW DIE ROLLS below.
For characters you are leveling-up: Enter the raw rolls PLUS any ability increases earned upon level-up.
Ability bonuses will be calculated automatically.

Strength determines your carry weight, melee attacks,
grapple checks, ability to use muscles, etc.

Dexterity determines your initiative, ranged attacks, armor class bonus,
attacks of opportunity, and all reflex checks.

Constitution determines your hit points, resistance to disease and poison,
and all fortitude checks.

Intelligence determines knowledge skill bonuses, number of native languages spoken,
and bonus spells for wizards.

Wisdom determines perception skill bonuses, all will saves, and bonus spells for
clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers.

Charisma determines bonuses to congeniality and perform, followers (for leadership
feat) and bonus spells for bards and sorcerers, as well as turning checks for clerics.

Appearance determines how physically attractive you are to other PCs and NPCs.
It can greatly affect first impressions, invoke jealousy, and assist congeniality checks.

Luck affects how well your character fares in situations with random outcomes.
Luck rolls are always used at the DM's discretion.

Check this box if you are leveling a character up and will be entering rolls above 18.

I am entering ability rolls over 18.